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The eduStyle Guide to Usable Higher-Ed Homepage DesignWell, not really.

But the William & Mary Home page does have a prominent spot on the cover of a new book  called The eduStyle Guide to Usable Higher-Ed Homepage Design. The guide reviews the homepages of 20 colleges and universities that earned the Noteworthy designation on the eduStyle site.

In addition to some recommendations that we are reviewing and implementing, The eduStyle Guide delineates these positives for the W&M Homepage:

Simple But Comprehensive Navigation – The navigation provides easy access to most of the site, without having an overwhelming number of links.

Consistent Layout and Design – Almost all of the links that are 1 click off of the homepage use the same template as the homepage. This is an exceptionally difficult task to do in higher-ed, but makes for a much less jarring experience for users.

Quality Photographs – The site benefits from high quality photographs. They appear to be photographs of real students and staff in real situations at William & Mary. In our experience, students react well to authentic looking photographs.

Distinctive Branding – W&M has distinctive branding that allows them to stand out.

eduStyle is a web design gallery dedicated to higher education websites and powered by higher education web design professionals. The eduStyle Guide was written by brothers Stewart Foss, Cody Foss and Andy Foss.

Want to hold the book in your hands? I bought the e-version; but the book will soon be on my desk. Come by.

– Susan T. Evans

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